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Hello  My name is;

Deionna Rose

user experience designer & front-end web developer

What I do


UX Research

In the digital world, convenience is king. Give your audience the means to engage with you in an efficient, user-friendly way, and they’ll keep coming back

Brand Identity

A brand identity is much more than just a logo and color palette; it’s what sets an organization, person, product or service apart. Make sure you’re speaking to your audience. 

Mobile and Applications

Is your website mobile friendly? Users are accessing websites on-the-go more than ever, giving you fresh opportunities to make contact with them.

Business Strategy

Implementing user experience procedures in your company can be challenging; getting your staff and stakeholders onboard is the key to success. 

Web Design

Your website plays an important role in your business – whether it’s there to generate revenue, act as a spokesperson, or help deal with inquiries.

Interaction Design

Examining how users move through your mobile application or website can reveal opportunities. Mirco interactions are the wave of the future. Are you implementing them properly?

My Skills

The design industry is always changing. I strive to keep my standards at the highest level of user experience, optimization, and design. I believe in a consumer-centric approach that guides the consumer on an intuitive brand experience. My cross-discipline in Web Development and Graphic Design allow me to see campaigns through conception to deployment. My personal goal is to grow as a designer/developer every day.

I hold an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Web Design and Interactive Media. I have a total work experience of 10 years. I am well versed in many programming languages with a strong emphasis on UI/UX and possess a keen eye for performance upgrades within the B2B and B2C markets. Responsive design that engages the user on a meaningful level is my number one priority when designing a digital experience.

  • User Expirence Design – 90%
  • UX Research – 85%
  • Interface Design/Web Devlopment – 100%

My Work

From user experience research to completed projects for the web and mobile applications. Additional examples of user experience research available for hiring companies.

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